Australian researchers uncover fossil of new eagle species

Dozens of bone fragments were uncovered by a dry lake in 2016 by researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide.

A new study says the skeletal remains were of the Archaehierax sylvestris, or ancient hawk of the forest.

Scientists believe the ancient raptor species survived by swooping on prey, including birds, possums and koalas.

They say the eagle had adapted to hunting and flying within forests, with short robust wings, long legs and a wide foot-span.

Eagle captured swooping on drone

Leigh Nairn said his drone was badly damaged in the incident at Binnu, 550km (340 miles) north of Perth.

The drone, used to monitor barley-seeding equipment on his property, was sent off to be repaired.

He said he was "100% lucky" that the drone managed to capture an image of the bird as it swooped.

"That's the only photo I have of it," he said.

"I'm not sure where it came from, but I was obviously in the wrong spot and [it] wanted to let me know that."

The eagle flew off unscathed, he said.