Glowing Turtle

First sighting of glowing sea turtle

The hawksbill turtle was thought to be the first reptile scientists had seen with biofluorescence - the reflection of blue light as a different colour, National Geographic reported.

Marine biologist David Gruber, of City University of New York, was in the Solomons in late July to film biofluorescence in small sharks and coral reefs.  

During a night dive the fluorescent turtle suddenly came into view, looking like a spaceship, with a patchwork of neon green and red over its head and body, he said.

Scientists discover ‘glowing’ sea turtle off Solomon Islands

The hawksbill sea turtle, spotted off the Solomon Islands, is the first reptile seen to exhibit biofluorescence.

The creature was spotted in July by marine biologist David Gruber, who was on a nightdive hoping to capture footage of biofluorescent sharks and coral reefs. 

Gruber, based at City University in New York, described the endangered turtle as looking like 'a big spaceship gliding into view', National Geographic reported.