Jakarta urged to ensure against journo attacks

The call from the NGO Human Rights Watch comes as Indonesia prepares to host a series of events for World Press Freedom Day on Wednesday.

It points to new research data from Indonesia's Alliance for Independent Journalists showing an increase in assaults on journalists in the past two years in Indonesia.

At least a dozen cases in this time refer to journalists being attacked, intimidated or detained in Papua region, otherwise known as West Papua

Jakarta West Papua demo results in 200 arrests

Yesterday was the 55th anniversary of the first official raising of the Papuan Morning Star flag when the indigenous people of the former Dutch New Guinea declared independence.

The Morning Star was subsequently banned after Indonesia took over, but an increasing number of global rallies mark this anniversary in support of Papuans.

This year, non-Papuan Indonesians were among the hundreds who demonstrated in the capital and were blasted by water cannons, before police arrested 203 of them.

Solomons won't enter media duel with Jakarta

Indonesia's Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has urged Australia to pass on a message to Pacific Island governments to not interfere in Indonesian domestic affairs.

In media comments in the past week, he pressed Canberra to rebuke Pacific states, in particular Solomon Islands, for raising Papua in global forums and inviting Papuans to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

The Solomons' envoy on West Papua, Rex Horoi, said his government won't respond to what is effectively a media statement.

Pornographic film appears on billboard in Jakarta

Footage of a couple in a sexual encounter was displayed on a large electronic screen located on a busy street close to the mayor's office.

The video ran for five minutes on Friday before power was eventually cut.

South Jakarta's head of public information Ady Wiryono Lestari said the incident was "serious".

Ms Lestari said she did not know how the material appeared or who was responsible.

VIDEO: Animals slaughtered to distribute amongst poor

The sacrificial animals were donations from local people. They were to be slaughtered and distributed to the needy.

UK Ambassador Moazzam Malik was among the contributors.

Sujasman, an official at Sunda Kelapa Mosque said that the number of animals slaughtered was much reduced compared to last year.

He said that this was because of an economic slowdown.