Jeremy Corbyn

MPs criticise Corbyn over anti-Semitism

The Home Affairs Select Committee report criticised him for a lack of "consistent leadership" on the issue, which it said benefited people with "vile attitudes" toward Jewish people.

Mr Corbyn accused the committee of a "disproportionate" emphasis on Labour.

The MPs also criticised Twitter, which they said hosted "vast swathes" of hate speech and abuse aimed at Jews.

Theresa May dismisses Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit 'shambles' claim

During Prime Minister's Questions she said she wanted "maximum possible access" for the UK to the single market after leaving the European Union.

Mr Corbyn said the government had "no answers", but Mrs May promised to be "ambitious" in Brexit negotiations and to exert greater migration control.

But several senior Tories demanded more clarity about the UK's aims.

Labour leadership: Corbyn appeals for unity after re-election

He won 61.8% of the vote, a larger margin of victory than last year.

He vowed to bring Labour back together, saying "we have much more in common than divides us", insisting the party could win the next election as the "engine of progress" in the country.

More than half a million party members, trade unionists and registered supporters voted in the contest.

In a result announced on the eve of Labour's party conference in Liverpool, Mr Corbyn won 313,209 votes, compared with Mr Smith's 193,229.

Brexit: Cameron tells Corbyn to step down 'for heaven's sake'

"It might be in my party's interests for him to sit there, it's not in the national interests and I would say, for heaven's sake man, go," Mr Cameron said to Mr Corbyn in British Parliament.

Labour MPs voted against Mr Corbyn in a no-confidence motion by 172 to 40, after dozens of members of his frontbench team stepped down in recent days.

But Corbyn has refused to go.

Veteran far-left lawmaker wins UK's Labour leadership race

The 66-year-old, who strongly opposes the government's austerity policies and Britain's membership of NATO, was considered an outsider but in recent months became the runaway favourite over three more mainstream rivals to win Saturday.

Cheers and applause erupted in the London conference venue as it was announced that Corbyn won almost 60 percent of the vote, far ahead of his closest rival, Andy Burnham, who scored 19 percent. Some 422,664 votes were cast.