1 migrant drowns, 9 rescued off Turkish coast

The Anadolu Agency say the fiberglass boat capsized early on Friday off the Bodrum peninsula, a popular visitor destination. The migrants were trying to reach the island of Kos.

Separately, the agency said 11 migrants were rescued by crew members and tourists aboard a yacht off the nearby coast of Datca, after their rubber boat sank on its way to Kos.

The route between Bodrum and Kos is one of the shortest to the Greek islands. Thousands of migrants are attempting the perilous sea crossing despite the risks.

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Those who drowned were attempting the risky journey to Europe - bound for the Greek island of Kos only four kilometers (2.5 miles) from Turkey.

Turkish coastguard unloaded five body bags at the harbour in the western tourist town of Bodrum.

A rescue team later found the drowned infant's body, according to a member of the Bodrum Sea Rescue Association, who spoke on condition of anonymity.