Luagalau Leva'ula Kamu

Samoan killer charged over links to ex-convicts

Alatise Vitale was arrested by the police and returned to custody last week for breaching his parole conditions.

He was sentenced in 2000 for the killing of cabinet minister Luagalau Leva'ula Kamu in 1999.

Mr Vitale was paroled with several other prisoners in 2012 as part of Samoa's celebration of 50 years of independence.

He is due back in court on Thursday for a bail application hearing.


Luagalau killer arrested for breaching parole

Alatise Le'afa Vitale was among a number of inmates released on parole in 2012 as part of Samoa's celebration of its fifty years of independence.

But the Ministry of Justice's parole office says Alatise has breached a number of conditions.

He was arrested on Wednesday in Savaii and will appear in court next Tuesday.

Alatise's father, who was a former government minister as well as another former minister, Toi Aukuso Cain, were given life sentences for conspiracy over the death of Luagalau.