Ministry of Commerce

Samoa’s Ministry of Commerce inundated with price grievances

The Ministry has warned the business community to refrain from price hiking, especially on goods that are scarce.

The Samoa Observer understands some retailers increased the price of sugar in parts of Samoa due to the shortage of the commodity.


Samoan Ministry of Commerce clamps down on traders

The Samoa Observer reports the Ministry announced the reintroduction of Price Control Orders (P.C.O.) as part of state of emergency orders under Article 106 of the Constitution.

In a statement the Ministry said the orders were needed to protect consumers from traders seeking to profit by increasing to unreasonable levels.

The latest price control order took effect 23 December, 2021.


Samoa’s Commerce Ministry warns public against pyramid scheme

These include re-gifting of money and it includes the recruitment of participants to produce financial rewards.

Pyramid selling and similar schemes are illegal ‘get rich quick’ scams that can end up costing your friends and family their hard-earned tala.

Pyramid selling and similar schemes promise financial returns to participants should they add more membership to the scheme.

New participants must register with high upfront membership fees.

Participants are promised to earn from the operation of these schemes high financial returns very quickly.

Extra-marital affairs issue for Samoa seasonal workers 'manageable'

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour raised concerns following family members' complaints and posts on social media.

The ministry's chief executive, Pulotu Chu Ling, told Talamua Online his office had investigated the complaints it had received.

While there were still minor problems, it was now manageable, Pulotu said.

The ministry relays concerns to the liaison officer for the seasonal worker scheme on the ground in New Zealand, he said.