Olympic champion empowered by speaking out over sexual abuse

In January 2018 Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years after nearly 160 women accused him of sexual abuse.

Biles, 21, then told her own story of how she was one of those victims.

"It was very hard but I figured out that if I can tell my story then it might encourage other people to tell theirs," she said.

Biles, who won four gold medals and a bronze at the Rio Olympics in 2016, said she wanted to speak out about the reaction to her revelation and her responsibility as a role model.

'It wasn’t about the gold' - Steven Adams

RNZ reports the basketballer is in New Zealand for the NBA off season and to launch the first of three training camps.

The seven-footer said it was emotional seeing his sister return from knee surgery and then go on to compete at the Games.

"Everybody says it's disappointing [she didn't win the gold medal], but it wasn't about the gold.

"She looked like she went out there and really enjoyed it. She just looked happy competing again. That's the biggest thing."

Thirteen ways to think like an Olympic champion

The outcome of years of training will come down to just a few days, or even moments, in these next few weeks -- all of it watched closely by billions of people worldwide.

As well as being in absolute peak physical condition, every athlete will need to be in just as good condition mentally -- or psychologically -- in order to handle the multitude of pressures awaiting them. CNN asked top sports psychology experts to reveal just what it takes to perform well under pressure -- and, more important, win.

Ignore the competition