Online shopping

Samoans overseas buy groceries online for families back home during COVID 19 emergency

He says the coronavirus pandemic has seen his business increase with Samoans, especially those living overseas, from Australia to Alaska, putting in orders for groceries, to lend a hand to their to friends and family back home.

Online shopping like Mr Scanlon's business is still relatively new to Samoa.

A UN report in 2017 noted that internet connections were still unreliable and expensive, and it found that many Samoans were reluctant to trust online payments.

Google plans to track credit card spending

Google Attribution will allow advertisers to see whether online ad campaigns generate offline sales.

Announcing the service, Google said that it captures around 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the US.

Critics said it represented another blow to privacy.

Google announced the new product in a blogpost, saying: "For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and cross-channel - all in one place."