PACER Plus Parties urged not to conclude talks with Australia and New Zealand

14 Pacific Island Countries have been locked in six year negotiations with Australia and New Zealand over PACER Plus (Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations). 

The Governor of Oro in Papua New Guinea, Gary Juffa, a strong critic of PACER Plus told PACNEWS in Suva that Pacific Island Parties have been taken for a ride by Australia and New Zealand, as revealed in the leaked negotiating text on ‘development and economic co-operation’ published on the PINA website.

OCTA: PACER Plus not a magic potion

The deal on free trade in goods and services involving the island countries and New Zealand and Australia is expected to conclude next year.

The Chief Trade Advisor, Edwini Kessie says PACER Plus is simply a regional trading platform which aims to inspire investor confidence in the region.

But he says once in place it is still up to Pacific countries to make the most of the free trade environment offered.