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Video gaming leading to problem gambling for Pasifika

The New Zealand research has been carried out by three organisations - Pasifika Youth Online Gaming and Gambling Research, Mapu Maia Pasifika Service and Moana Research.

They have found children across New Zealand as young as five are showing symptoms of 'gaming harm'.

Lead researcher Dr Seini Taufa said the research is the first of its kind and 75 young people were interviewed.

Taufa said more investment is required to support efforts to overcome problem gambling.

Pasifika church members urge others to get Covid-19 vaccine

The Assembly of God Church of Samoa is the focus of the country's largest sub-cluster of the Delta outbreak.

The country's latest victim of Covid-19 was a deacon at the Assemblies of God Church of Sāmoa.

The 50-year-old man died at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital this week after 40 days in intensive care.

His wife is also battling the virus in hospital.

Dr Maryann Heather at South Seas Healthcare in Ōtara said it's been devastating to see the impacts on the families first hand.

Pasifika mass vaccination events launching around New Zealand

The first drive-through event which coincides with Tonga Language week - runs from 8.30am-4pm, Thursday to Saturday at the Free Wesleyan Church Of Tonga.

As of this week, 56 percent of the eligible Pacific population 12+ years have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Pacific Response Co-ordination Team chair Pakilau Manase Lua said Tonga is a proud nation with community spirit and hopes to capture 12-30 year-olds who are yet to be vaccinated.

Scholarship recipients call for more Pasifika in mental health workforce

That's the message from the winners of a record number of scholarships awarded to Pasifika mental health students.

At Tuesday night's Le Va Futures That Work Scholarships Dinner in Manukau, 133 students won a scholarship boost to help them in their journey in the mental health sector.

Anne-Marie Tupetoliahi Hoyt Erick, who's studying a postgraduate diploma in Psychological Practice, wants to see more Pasifika in her disabilities sector.

Kava ceremony to raise awareness about climate justice in the Pacific

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation are collaborating with other Pacific groups to host the dawn ceremony at the Maritime Museum in Auckland on Sunday.

Kava o Aotearoa custodian Pakilau Manase Lua says the event serves to raise awareness about climate justice through a connected Pacific ancestral way using kava, the vaka, sailing and voyaging.

Lua said they scheduled the event to coincide with the America's Cup race serving as a reminder that this significant sporting event is taking place on the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific panel discusses Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy among Pasifika

Faumuina Professor Faafetai Sopoaga says it’s important Pasifika understand the risks and benefits of taking the vaccine.

Faumuina says the main benefit of receiving the vaccine is that it protects people from Covid-19.

“The Pfizer vaccine is 90 to 95 per cent effective. So what that means is that when you have the vaccine, you will be protected from picking up this very serious disease that is affecting us all at this time,” says Faumuina, who's an Associate Dean of the Division of Health Sciences at Otago University.​

Pasifika urged to use their voice this election

Advance voting has been open for five days with more than 370-thousand people already completing the ballot at the booths, and October 17 is election day.

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) said election time is a good time for the Pacific community, especially youth, to engage in what each political party stands for.

"Pacific families must have honest conversations with each other about what the benefits are for different policy options," according to the acting Chief Executive of the PCF Fiso John Fiso.

NZMRL want to ensure both Māori and Pasifika involved in rugby league

As part of the government's sport recovery package announced earlier this year, New Zealand Rugby League Chief Executive, Greg Peters, confirmed the NZMRL were providing support in the second phase of the three-stage package which looked at national and regional organisations rebuilding and operating successfully post Covid-19, including new operating models and more collaboration.

Pacific family violence workers mobilised during NZ's lockdown

The Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu campaign was launched this month by The Cause Collective, a Pacific social change agency.

The Cause Collective have spent the past three years working with family violence practitioners, Pacific providers and community leaders, including police, social workers and church ministers and training using specific cultural frameworks in eight different Pacific languages through the Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu programme.

Testing-for-all centre in Auckland reaching Pasifika communities

Ministry of Health guidelines restrict testing to those with at least one symptom of infection, or where there has been a cluster, or an outbreak in a vulnerable facility. Officials have maintained there is no need to expand the testing definition.

But at a community testing centre in Otara, managed by South Seas Healthcare, anyone living in a crowded home or with a pre-existing health condition can be tested, according to South Seas GP Andrew Chan Mow.