plastic bags

Compliance with plastic bag ban to be checked in Samoa

A notice from the Ministry of National Resources and Environment said the inspection would take place on 30 January and would mainly focus on retail outlets.

It warned that failure to comply could result in a fine of over $US3800.

Exempt from the prohibition are plastic bags used to package frozen goods such as meat and ice cubes, the ministry said.

Also exempt are bags used for local products including chips, kekesaina or Chinese cake, ava, biscuits, coffee, tea, sugar, flour and cocoa.


The animals that are being harmed by plastic bags

The Marine Conservation Society's (MCS) latest report found seven bags per 100 metres of coastline cleaned compared to 11 in 2015.

It's the lowest number in 10 years and is being put down to the introduction of the 5p charge on single-use plastic bags.

But the bad news is that plastic bags are still harming marine life. Many animals try to eat them, mistaking them for food.