What happens when AI meets robotics?

The scientists are creating systems that can learn for themselves and be able to operate in the home, the workplace and even on the sports field.

The University of Texas, Austin team is incorporating artificial intelligence into its machines so that they can deal with real-world situations.

Among the systems are automated assistants that will carry out simple tasks in a working office.

Science fiction films predicted that in the future we would have intelligent robots.

Bee's eye view could help robots, drones

The way humans see colour is heavily affected by the changing light around them, such as during a sunset or in the middle of the night, but bees see the same colour regardless.

The Melbourne-based team has studied how bees solve this problem, by using three special eyes on top of their head, in addition to two main eyes at the front.

"The three eyes point skyward, and they directly sample the colour of the light above us," Dr Adrian Dyer of RMIT University said.

"If it's a sunny day or a cloudy day, [those three eyes] can detect that.

Disney seeks patent for a 'humanoid robot' that can play a character

A new patent application from Disney (DIS) suggests it's something the company has considered.

Disney 'not in the business of scaring kids!'

It’s rare that the company delves too far into how the “magic” - as they call it - works. Their logic is a magic trick doesn’t get better if you know how it’s done.

On Saturday, Disney - quite uncharacteristically - gave us a bit of an insight into how they plan to use technology to bring their much-loved brand of storytelling to new forms, by using robotics and artificial intelligence.

Jon Snoddy, the company's senior Vice President for research and development, explained how soon you’ll be able to interact with story-telling robots at Disney parks.

MIT gives humans ‘The Power to mind control robots’

You can take the help of this new tech developed by the researchers from CASIL, MIT and Boston University. All you need to do is think, and tell the robot that it’s committing a mistake.


The story of Baxter

Facing the robotic revolution

Michael Szollosy, who looks at the social impact and cultural influence of robots, has just switched on the new arrival at the Sheffield Robotics centre, at the University of Sheffield.

He asks: "What do you do, Pepper?"


"You do human?" I interject.

"Of course not," says Pepper, "but that shouldn't keep us from chatting."


Robots and drones take over classrooms

Some argue that the education this generation of children is receiving is little different from that their parents or even their grandparents had.

But, in a world where artificial intelligence and robots threaten jobs, the skills that this generation of children need to learn are likely to be radically different to the three Rs that have for so long been the mainstay of education.

The BBC went along to the Bett conference in London in search of different ways of teaching and learning.


School robots