Samoa Airport Authority

Magele Hoe Viali reappointed Samoa Airport Authority CEO

Magele is scheduled to complete his second term on 31 January 2018 and then commence his third term as C.E.O. thereafter.

During his first two terms as C.E.O. Magele was instrumental in the World Bank infrastructural improvement project and the Chinese Government funded terminal project which is still ongoing.

Educated at Samoa College from 1975-1978, Magele went on to receive his qualifications as an Air Traffic Controller from New Zealand in 1981.

Samoa Airport Authority welcomes NZ$11.5 million to upgrade airport security

“The New Zealand Government has been very consistent in terms of assisting Pacific Forum countries like Samoa to update and modernized our airport security systems and equipment,” said SAA General Manager, Magele Hoe Viali.

He noted that over the years, the funding mechanism has provided the latest screening equipment and technologies to improve aviation security at the Faleolo International Airport.

Samoa Airport Authority presents dividend to Government

The sum was a dividend from the profits made by the Samoa Airports Authorities from the years 2013 and 2014 that totaled more than $875,984 tala.