Samoa First Party

Protesters make presence felt over controversial bills in Samoa

Unasa Iuni Sapolu said the vehicle-based procession went 30 kilometres from Faleolo Airport to parliament.

They were raising concerns over proposed law reforms many say are unconstitutional and unwarranted.

"People must stand up for their freedoms and rights which are going to be affected by these three bills," said Unasa.

Because of Covid-19 distancing measures the protesters took to their cars and trucks.

Unasa said despite not being well publicised, there were over 50 vehicles with more than 100 people when they reached parliament.

New political party in Samoa proposes China immigration ban

The Samoa First Party announced the policy last week, outraging some in the country's sizeable Chinese community.

Its deputy leader told local media he wanted to "repatriate" the Chinese out of Samoa, comments which were later withdrawn.

Party leader Unasa Iuni Sapolu says the official policy is to ban all Chinese migrants but she insists the party isn't racist.

"We must put Samoans as a priority. We can't held against ... once the Chinese come over they bring over the products, they are from a bigger, much bigger, billions and billions of population," she said.

Samoa First leader aims to stop customary land leasing

Leader Unasa Iuni Sapolu will be campaigning to have the Land and Titles Registration Act 2008 removed.

Under the act, Ms Sapolu said the Minister of Natural Resources can lease customary land without the owners having to provide informed consent.

She said this was illegal.

"Who is controlling the land? Obviously the leaseholder who is the Minister [and] has his power been legitimatised by the customary land owners?"

She said the answer was "no".

"That move, in my view, is a violation of the constitutional right of the customary land owners."