Samoa Police

Alleged ATM thieves were restaurant workers in Samoa

“We scrutinized the video evidence given to us by the affected company and we searched a Chinese restaurant in Matautu Tai. We found a bunch of forged debit cards in the rubbish bin inside the restaurant,” said Acting Police spokesperson, Su’a Le Mamea Tiumalu.

“We apprehended two of suspects from there. At the moment the total missing is approximately more than $17,000 tala and we are still trying to find where it’s gone,” said Su’a.

Samoa Police monitor gang members for criminal activities

In a media briefing Police spokesperson, Inspector Maotaoalii Kaioneta Aliisolia confirmed the existence of gangs comprising of young people.

“These are the things the Samoa Police have been preparing for,” Maota said.

“And now that they have come out and we have recognized some of them, we’re going to show them how the law works around this island. We have no room for hooligans and misfit teenagers in the urban area,” he added.

Samoa Police receive new vehicles from AFP

The vehicles include a 16-seater Hi-ace van for the training unit and a four-wheel drive van for the Armoury.


Samoa police called in as temporary prison guards

The inmates escaped from one of the prison cell blocks last Saturday night after drilling a hole in a concrete wall.

They were recaptured by police after two days on the run.

The police spokesperson, Su'a Muli'aga Tiumalu, says the temporary security assistance will enable the police to share their experience after managing Samoa's prisons for many years.

Last year the Government set up a separate division to run the prison service.



Indian woman, son amongst people arrested in police drug raid

The other two include a 45 year old man and the 26 year old daughter of a business woman.

The 42 year old Indian woman was a sponsored employee of the Samoan business woman and now works for the woman’s daughter who is also held by police in the raid.

The Ministry of Police spokesperson Superintendent Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said all three adults will appear in Court on this Thursday 6th August 2015 while the teenage boy’s case is referred to the Youth Court for mention.

Samoa police raid uncovers weapons, drugs and cash

Four people have been arrested and are facing several criminal charges.

The police also found equipment suspected of being used in manufacturing methamphetamine in the raid on a family home at Afiamalu.

The Police Commissioner, Egon Keil, says he's sure there's more illicit material out there and his main concern is the safety of Samoans and visitors.

"If there's drugs, there's weapons. With that combination it's very deadly. It's something that needs to be addressed and it has to be addressed swiftly and that's what the Samoan police will do."

Egon Keil.

Police awaiting scientific test results on alleged drugs found in container

The Ministry of Police spokesperson Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said once the result is out, police will then review the charges against the man accused of allegedly bringing the drugs into the country.

“The test is to determine if the drugs are cocaine,” said Su’a.

An ex US military serviceman has already appeared in Court on charges relating to the illegal materials found in the container this week.

He has denied all 5 charges against him.

Samoa police to gain new recruits but remain short-handed

Egon Keil says 70 recruits were selected from 500 applicants this month and they are now undertaking a 16 week intensive training course.

Mr Keil says the number will drop further as generally only 60 percent of recruits complete the training.

The commissioner says the force needs at least another 100 officers to reach optimum staffing levels and it will take a while to get there.