solar power

IFC encourages adoption of solar power in Pacific

The Pacific has some of the most expensive electricity prices in the world with much of its energy coming from diesel.

The IFC and the Australian-based company, Smart Commercial Solar, will launch its project by offering a free energy report to Pacific businesses calculating how much they can save if they switch to solar.

The IFC's spokesperson, Subrata Barman, said it's time for Pacific nations to look at moving away from traditional models of power supply.

TV from the sun: 'Now I am connected to the whole world'

But what's extraordinary is that his house, where he lives with his wife and two children in Mwea, central Kenya, has no access to mains electricity.

Instead, the power for Mr Gikonyo's new TV service comes directly from the sun. He is one of the early adopters of AzuriTV - a new solar-powered satellite TV service that gives his family access to 50 channels.

He says the system is already making his life easier, and has opened new doors for his farming business.

Solar Power saves mother during childbirth in SHP

The centre is run by the Evangelical Church of PNG and has been providing health services to the people of the area for many years.

But recently it required some urgent repairs. Repairs were made by the Oil Search Foundation to restore adequate water supply to the centre and provide lighting to maternity rooms to facilitate clean, safe and secure deliveries.

American Samoa embracing more solar power

The Authority hopes to install enough photovoltaic panels to generate 13 megawatts of electricity.

It already has two photovoltaic installations at Pago Pago International Airport which produce 2 megawatts, which is now feeding into the grid.

The Authority executive director Utu Abe Malae says there is some funding available, but the company wants to create a community solar farm involving consumers.

He says it will ask customers to contribute and in return they will get a lower electricity rate.