Sustainable Development Goals

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UN documentary to premiere on local TV station

“Driving the Change” is an inspiring story which focuses on the struggle and success of the remote highlands community of Domil in Jiwaka Province as it transforms itself and strives to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals.  

The 17 DG, which are adopted by PNG and 192 other UN Member states in 2015, are a universal call to action to end poverty protect the planet and ensure that all peole enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

PNG Doco driving change in Highlands village

Domil in Jiwaka Province is one of four villages that took on the MDG Acceleration Project, a pilot initiative developed by the EU in 2012 and implemented by UNDP with support from the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.

The success achieved through a collective effort of the locals is highlighted in a documentary "Driving The Change", to premiere tonight.

The documentary features Bernard Gunn - director of the NGO Integral Community Health and Development in Domil.

UN celebrates 71st anniversary with 17 goals

Every year, UN Day marks the anniversary since 1945.

In Papua New Guinea, the UN started is operations in 1976. Today there are 14 UN agencies based in the country and working across different thematic areas in support of the Government of Papua New Guinea and its people.

The theme of this year’s UN Day celebrations is the Sustainable Development Goals. The UN in Papua New Guinea encourages everyone to understand the 17 Goals and urges all to contribute to the implementation of the SDGs.

All girls count, says UN

In a statement, the UN says: “The wellbeing, human rights and empowerment of the world’s 1.1 billion girls are central to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda”.

“When we agreed on that agenda, we promised girls quality education and health services.

“We committed to ending discrimination and violence against girls, and harmful practices like child marriage.

“We pledged to leave no one behind.

Today is International Day of Peace

The symbolism of a day without fighting is a crucial reminder that conflict can and must come to an end, the UN says in a statement.

“But the UN thinks that peace is about much more than putting weapons aside. It is about building a society in which people live free from poverty and share the benefits of prosperity.”

The theme of this year’s Peace Day highlights the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which 193 Member States of the UN unanimously adopted last year as building blocks for peace. 

UN adopts ambitious sustainable development goals

The Sustainable Development Goals were signed by 193 countries at the UN summit on Friday night. The event included speeches from Pope Francis and Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who became a Nobel laureate after surviving a Taliban attack, and a performance by the pop star Shakira.

The 17 goals apply to all countries, rich and poor, and include 169 action targets that aim to tackle poverty, climate change and inequality for all people around the world.

They come at the end of more than three years of negotiations between countries.

‘Global Goals’ campaign launched at UN

During a press conference at UN Headquarters today, the Global Goals campaign, founded by filmmaker Richard Curtis, was announced as aiming to make the 17 UN Goals famous and to push for their full implementation worldwide.

Described as an “unprecedented effort,” the campaign is supported by a variety of other social movements including action/2015 – a coalition of over 2000 organizations – and Global Citizen, a community of ordinary people that help fight extreme poverty.