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'Agriculture quite a good industry' to commercialise Samoa's customary land – academic

New Zealand-based Samoan academic Dr Iati Iati was speaking at the Pacific Land Network's symposium at the National University of Samoa this week, where he shared his research titled, The commercialisation of customary land in Samoa: agriculture vs. tourism.

The three-day symposium focused on customary land governance issues and their links to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Dr Iati said when it comes to the commercialisation of customary land in Samoa, it is important to consider all aspects - including the economy, culture, society, and traditional rights.

Pacific academic trailblazer recognised for her work

Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop, first gained her Bachelors degree at Victoria in 1974 and followed it up with an Honours in 1977 and a Master of Arts in 1982.

She completed her doctoral studies in Australia and has a range of expertise in Pacific issues including sustainable development, gender equality and youth equity.