Virtual Reality

Facebook: We want a billion people in VR

Mark Zuckerberg said the device, priced at $199, would be the “most accessible VR experience ever”.

Sales of the company’s VR hardware have been slow since launching the first Oculus Rift headset in March 2016.

"If VR doesn't go mass market at this price point, I think we can conclude that it never will,” said John Delaney, an analyst with IDC.

The existing budget way to get Facebook's VR is the Samsung Gear VR at $129 - but that requires a high-end Samsung smartphone in order to work.

Firefox 55 brings Virtual Reality to your browser after 23 years of wait

So, all you need to do is connect your compatible VR headset, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and experience virtual reality without installing any custom apps to do the same.

Well, Chrome and Edge already have WebVR support with some limitations and Firefox is not the first to be capable of running VR content. But, Mozilla says Firefox is the first desktop browser to have support for WebVR.

Buzz Aldrin takes you to Mars in VR

The film - Cycling Pathways to Mars - lasts just under 10 minutes and features the astronaut as a hologram narrating the experience.

Mr Aldrin's plan involves using the moons of Earth and Mars essentially as pitstops for people travelling to and from the Red Planet - a trip that will take about six months each way.

Speaking to the BBC, he said he hoped the film would help governments focus on a single plan to get to Mars.

"You can't afford to do them all," he said of competing visions. "Because it's using up the budget that we've got and we're going nowhere."

Virtual reality to aid Auschwitz war trials of concentration camp guards

Now, 71 years later, that work continues through the Bavarian State criminal office (LKA) in Munich, that has created a virtual reality version of the Auschwitz concentration camp to assist with the continued prosecutions.

Digital imaging expert Ralf Breker is behind the project: "We spent five days in Auschwitz taking laser scans of the buildings and the whole project to complete took about six months."

She's been sexually assaulted 3 times--once in virtual reality

Belamire who goes by a pseudonym to protect her privacy, was playing a game called QuiVr on her brother-in-law's HTC Vive VR system. She was shooting zombies with strangers in QuiVr's multiplayer mode when another player began to virtually rub her chest.

"I've been groped in real life, once in a Starbucks in broad daylight. I know what it's like to happen in person," Belamire, 30, told CNNMoney. "The shock and disgust I felt [in QuiVr] was not too far off from that."

Intel unveils Project Alloy 'merged reality' headset

It describes Project Alloy as being a "merged reality" device. One key advantage, Intel says, is that users will be able to see their own hands.

It intends to offer the technology to other manufactures next year, but will not sell the headsets itself.

The company is keen to avoid repeating the mistake it made with smartphones.