Trump and Biden duel in critical state of Florida

Mr Biden told supporters: "You hold the power. If Florida goes blue [Democratic], it's over."

Celebrating soaring economic figures, Mr Trump, a Republican, said of his rival: "He's going to lock you down."

With just five days to go until election day, Mr Biden has a solid lead nationally in opinion polls.

But his advantage looks less assured in the battleground states, such as Florida, that will decide who ultimately wins the White House.

Madrid transport authority says no to 'el manspreading'

Explaining that 'el manspreading' is an English term that refers to the posture of men who open their legs too wide and take up space in the next seats, the urban transit company, EMT, has put up signs in public buses.

"This new information icon is similar to what already exists in other transport systems worldwide to prohibit people adopting a body posture that bothers other people", the company said.

Protect Pacific Whales – Ocean Voyagers

The campaign coordinated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in partnership with Pacific islands and partners aims to promote the conservation of whales through a range of initiatives and awareness raising activities.

Over two million great whales were killed by industrial whaling fleets in the Twentieth Century, most of them in the Southern Hemisphere, on their summer feeding grounds in the Antarctic Ocean.