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Local cocoa fermentation competition for Samoa cocoa farmers

One of the objectives for this regional project is ‘to evaluate the opportunities for Pacific cocoa industries to expand the value of their markets related to quality attributes and industry organisations’.


The activities aim to assess bean quality through local competitions and linking to buyers for niche markets so Samoan cocoa is able to compete in the high- value, low volume markets based on fine flavor and ‘single origin’ branding.


Hot demand for Koko

Covid-19 travel restrictions have many Samoans living abroad yearning for a taste of home.

The managing director of Savai'i Koko, Saleimoa Vaa'i says there's been a huge surge in orders for the paste used to make the much-loved traditional drink, koko Samoa.

"When the borders were open people used to travel and of course informally export the cocoa with them, but with Covid (restrictions),  it's introduced a need or a want from a lot of our people overseas wanting cocoa...

Fiji cocoa farms receive recovery assistance

The assistance is being made possible through the Increasing Agriculture Commodity Trade (IACT) project TC Winston Recovery Action; a FJD4.3 million initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC).

 The first recipient, Tomohito Zukoshi, co-founder of Fijiana Cocoa and Adi Chocolate brands, has recently received equipment needed to clear cocoa plantations and improve cocoa productivity.