police raid

Australia police raid headquarters of public broadcaster ABC

Police arrived with search warrants naming two journalists and News Director Gaven Morris, the ABC says.

According to the ABC, the raid is over an investigative story into misconduct by Australian forces in Afghanistan.

The raid comes one day after police searched the home of a News Corp journalist over the alleged leak of classified information.

ABC journalists have been tweeting about the events since police arrived in the morning.

Four arrested for narcotic production after Police raid

During the raid, several marijuana plants were seized, after members of the public reported suspicious activity on the property. 

Police confirmed that the four suspects have been charged for unlawful cultivation of prohibited plants. 

The public has also been reminded that cultivating, possessing and consuming marijuana is illegal under Samoan law with a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment. 

The suspects are in Police custody until a court hearing is finalized.

Body parts discovered during Thailand raid

Officers haven't identified the remains found Friday but said they believe the body parts belong to a Caucasian male.

Local police said one officer was hurt in the sting while struggling with one of the suspects over a gun. The officer was hit in the hip area, police said.

Police also recovered 10 passports, according to Maj. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk. He said officers found "certain types of equipment found in the room (that) can be used to produce fake passports."

Hard drugs found in Police raid

Last Saturday Police raided a hotel following suspicion of such operation taking place from within.