Samoan Kiwi

Samoan Kiwi dancer Lance Savali overcomes pressure to nail Super Bowl Halftime routine

Catch a tossed microphone from metres away….these are all requirements that would send shivers down the spine of most performers. 

But Samoan Wellingtonian dancer Lance Savali says a sense of calm swept over him ahead of performing on one of the world's most-watched stages. 

"You hear the crowd roar and you are instantly filled with energy, no matter how exhausted your body is," he told Newshub. 

"I found myself thinking; 'This is weird, I'm so chill, yet I'm about to perform in front of my biggest crowd so far'." 

Samoan Kiwi plans surprise proposal at Auckland Airport

Fou Fale and his wife Katerena Fale married seven years ago at a registry when she was three months pregnant, but he never had the chance to propose properly.

But seven years and three children later, Mr Fale decided it was time to ask the question - and he decided to go all-out.

"I was beyond nervous. I was shaking. My daughter kept telling me to just breathe."

A flight attendant for Virgin, Ms Fale had no idea what was waiting for her at arrivals after a late shift, and didn't know her colleagues were also in on the plan.