Children recount 'rape culture' experiences on website

The collection of more than 4,100 testimonies include accounts from girls aged as young as nine.

The youngsters have written personal accounts of “rape culture”, identifying the school or university the alleged perpetrators attended.

Eton, St Paul’s and Latymer Upper School are among those referenced.

But while these and other private schools commonly appear, there are also examples given of unnamed males from state schools and universities.

The testimonies have been published on Everyone’s Invited website and its Instagram account.

Website tracks calls to fake ads offering youngsters for sex

Unlike the other ads on these pages, Shelby's are decoys. And the models -- all adults -- agreed to pose for them.

It's part of the organization's new initiative called Demand Tracker. YouthSpark provides support to juvenile victims of sex trafficking and those at risk of exploitation. But executive director Alex Trouteaud says that just wasn't enough.

"When every day, you are serving youth who have been sexually exploited, at some point you sit back and say what's causing this? Because it's nothing wrong with the kids," he said.

Anti-establishment website launched

I can reveal that Westmonster is co-owned by Michael Heaver, former press adviser to Nigel Farage. The 27-year-old, who together with Mr Banks will own 50% of the website, will edit it day to day.

Modelled on the Drudge Report, the American aggregator site that generates huge traffic, Westmonster will be powered by the social media reach of Leave.EU, the campaign to which Mr Banks gave close to £7m - the largest donation in British political history.