Gun Amnesty

198 illegal firearms handed in as Gun Amnesty ends in Samoa

Overall, 78 rifles, 73 shotguns, 33 pistols, 12 big bores and 2 air rifles were handed in by the public in an incentivised programme where each weapon handed in was rewarded with a $100 tala strictly-food-only voucher – not to be redeemed for alcohol or cigarettes.

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil said it was a successful operation and the key objective was to remove illegal weapons and unlicensed firearms from within communities and the streets.

56 illegal firearms recovered so far in Samoa’s gun amnesty appeal

Six of the firearms were turned in from Savaii.

The 3rd Gun Amnesty Appeal was launched this month and will continue until December.

Savali Newspaper reports that at a press conference, Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil acknowledged the public response and noted that although the illegal weapons appears old and rusty, they can still kill.

As an encouragement, law authorities are also paying a $100 tala food voucher for any person who voluntarily surrenders any illegal firearm or unregistered weapon.

Samoa launches third gun amnesty in five years

TV1Samoa reported Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil indicated the amnesty also included explosives in their possession.

It was the third amnesty since Fuiavailili took command of the country's constabulary in 2015.

It followed increasing numbers of illegal firearms and ammunition that had been recovered during police raids.

Last November a major raid garnered 10,000 marijuana plants and illegal firearms and ammunition.

In April and August police raids also captured more guns.

Firearms are unnecessary says PM

Authorities disposed 205 of these guns today and another 117 are earmarked for re-registration.


One more week for Samoa's gun amnesty

Egon Keil says 148 guns have been turned in, including 22 shotguns, 11 assault rifles, as well as handguns and other firearms.

Keil says the assault weapons which have been turned in are the type used in recent terrorist attacks in Paris, which are illegal in Samoa.

Samoan police given 20 guns after three days of amnesty

Police in Samoa have received more than 20 guns in three days as part of a gun amnesty that runs until the end of the year.

With clearance from the government, the police have announced that no one will be investigated or charged if they hand in illegal weapons, or guns of any kind.

Yesterday police destroyed around 80 guns that had been earlier confiscated through crime investigations, as a demonstration.

The police commissioner, Egon Keil, says the purpose is to save lives and he hopes many more will come forward.