NSW bushfires

Heavy rain extinguishes third of blazes in NSW

A wide band of rain sweeping New South Wales (NSW) has put out 20 of about 60 fires in the state in the past day.

Authorities have welcomed the downpour, but warned of flash flooding in Sydney and other cities along the coast.

Some of the affected areas had received the most rain recorded in over a year, said the Bureau of Meteorology.

Australia's largest city, Sydney, recorded its wettest day in over 15 months on Friday. Many locals cheered on the downpour despite the inconvenience.

Sydney-based Samoan family maintains faith in the midst of bushfires

Head and father of the family, Seiuli Talalelei Sinaumea said his family are keeping their hopes for their safety especially the children.

“Currently in Australia, the feeling is scary but of course we cannot let abandon our faith,” he said.

Bushfires have claimed at least 28 lives and destroyed thousands of homes in Victoria and New South Wales.

According to the NSW Rural Fire Services, 123 fires are burning across the state and 50 are uncontained.