Heavy rain

Heavy rain and flood advisory for Samoa

According to the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority, members of the public sought assistance to get to their families to the other side of the crossing at Mulivai Safata and other areas.

Small vehicles were also unable to cross with access only to pick-up trucks and higher vehicles.

The Samoa Meteorological Service has issued a heavy rain advisory for all areas of Samoa.

“An active convergence zone analyzed Northeast of Samoa with a broad cloud band as seen on the satellite imageries this afternoon.”

Latest storm to threaten Samoa moving south

Tropical Disturbance 07F, which could still turn into a tropical cyclone according to the Samoa Met Service, has moved quickly over the past 16 hours, after being located near Wallis yesterday afternoon.

It is expected to move further to the southeast of Samoa but will continue to bring rain, with possibly heavy falls, and strong and damaging gusty winds throughout this morning.

The weather office said flood warnings for all of Samoa remained in effect.

Fire-hit Australia faces 'dangerous' downpours

Severe weather warnings for rain, winds and flooding have been issued for coastal areas of the eastern state.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) warned of "dangerous conditions" on Saturday and Sunday.

There has already been flooding in Sydney and other areas along the coast.

Friday was the wettest day recorded in well over a year in Sydney, where roads were closed and public transport delayed.

Other NSW towns faced flood waters as well, including Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour, where 280mm and 250mm of rain fell respectively.

Heavy rain extinguishes third of blazes in NSW

A wide band of rain sweeping New South Wales (NSW) has put out 20 of about 60 fires in the state in the past day.

Authorities have welcomed the downpour, but warned of flash flooding in Sydney and other cities along the coast.

Some of the affected areas had received the most rain recorded in over a year, said the Bureau of Meteorology.

Australia's largest city, Sydney, recorded its wettest day in over 15 months on Friday. Many locals cheered on the downpour despite the inconvenience.

Samoa hit by heavy rain, flooding

The rain has caused flooding in some areas, as well as parts of the capital, Apia.

Samoa's meteorological service said the trough was expected to linger for about another two days, the Samoa Observer reported.

SMET technician Emau Toluono said Samoa was experiencing the impacts of a recent convergence of weather systems over the country.

"An active convergence zone which moved from the North previously affected the Islands with moderate to heavy downpours and gusty winds," he said.

Heavy rain ruined rugby paddock recovery in Apia Park

This happened right after the prolonged spell of sun following the closing of the Pacific Games which helped in drying out the ground.

Samoa Sports Facilities Authority CEO, Moefa’auo Salale Moananu says most of their ground staff worked tirelessly to prepare the rugby paddock and repair any damages from the games.

 “The staff took advantage of the sun to repeatedly roll the ground and add sand and dirt as it started to dry up,” Moefa’auo said.

Hundreds die in Columbia landslide

Heavy rains caused several rivers to overflow in the municipality, which has a population of 345,000 people, and sent mud and debris crashing into homes.

Aid officials said at least 206 people were dead.

Photos posted online by the air force have shown streets filled with mud and damaged houses, while smartphone videos on social media have shown residents searching for survivors in the debris.

Recent heavy rainfall prompts warning to boil water in Cooks

They said tap water in much of the Cook Islands comes straight from the mountains and with recent heavy rainfall it was possible it could be contaminated.

Health protection officer Charlie Ave said they have a simple message for friends visiting from across the Pacific.

"When they come here they boil the water and let it cool down before drinking, or otherwise we have UV treated water stations around the islands where they can get their water from, or buy it from the shop," said Charlie Ave.

Heavy rain as tropical low moves through Solomons

RNZ reports a tropical low is about 600 kilometres west-southwest of Rennell, and is moving southeast.

A heavy rain warning is in force for all provinces.

The meteorological service says people in low lying areas by rivers and streams should prepare for possible flooding and landslides.

Disaster officials say there are no confirmed fatalities after landslides in the capital, Honiara.



Photo by Solomon Islands Met  


Ignacio strengthens into Category 4 hurricane near Hawaii

Ignacio has grown to a Category 4 storm, with sustained winds of up to 140 mph. Forecasters at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said conditions are right for it to continue strengthening Saturday, but upper-level winds will weaken the storm in the following days.