Heavy rain

Landslides kill at least 25 in Mumbai after heavy rains

Rescuers were seen using their hands to dig up the ground and retrieve bodies, local television showed, and authorities said more victims could be trapped inside the debris. Rescuers were also shown carrying the injured through narrow lanes on makeshift stretchers.

Within the last 24 hours authorities have so far reported 11 incidents of houses or walls collapsing in the Mumbai area, officials said.

In one neighbourhood about half a dozen shacks located at the base of a hill collapsed on top of each other, officials said.

Hawaii dam bursts after heavy rain

Local media reports the downpour has caused flooding that has also damaged homes and bridges.

This has prompted calls for the authorities to open evacuation shelters after residents were ordered to leave the area.

A state emergency management official says the rains have led to the cresting of the Kaupakalua Dam on the island's northern region of Haiku.

Governor David Ige says evacuation shelters have opened at a community centre and a high school.

Heavy rain and flood warning remains for Samoa

The severe weather is associated with an active convergence.

The latest weather bulletin warns of heavy downpours with poor visibility, strong gusty winds, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges.

Motorists can expect pooling near roadsides and waterways.

Rivers will likely overflow and there could be landslides.

Strong currents as well as very rough seas with wind waves and swells increasing up to 2.5-3 metres are expected in marine waters.


Photo supplied Samoa Met Division


More bad weather expected in Samoa

An active convergence zone is expected to bring heavy rain, flooding and landslides.

Strong gusts and thunderstorms will likely cause marine swells of 2.5 meters.

People are advised to keep away from riverways and exposed coastal areas.


Photo Samoa LTA/Facebook 


Samoa Met issues more heavy rain and flood warning

The Samoa Meteorology Division said flood risk is high for all catchments and rivers and there could be landslides.

Heavy rain yesterday caused parts of the Apia CBD to be flooded for the second time in less than a month.

Motorists were stranded as some passes were washed away while others were only accessible to high vehicles.

The Land Transport Authority has been monitoring the situation and has kept the public regularly informed of the status of the roads and crossings.


Major flooding caused by extreme heavy rain in Samoa

River banks have burst and police are now blocking people trying to enter the town where most streets are under water.

According to RNZ Pacific, Apia resident, Georgina Newton, said it's worse than the flooding experienced in Cyclone Evan eight years ago.

People who are already in town, probably went there this morning, before the flooding started will be stuck in town."

"We have a store in town and it's flooding and my Mum is actually in there stuck, she can't get out. Every single store in town must be flooded by now."

Samoa Met forecasts heavy rain and strong gusty winds

The system will continue to bring periods of heavy rain and strong gusty winds, high combined waves and swells, flooding to all major rivers and vulnerable locations.

“Heavy downpours with poor visibility, gusty winds, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges, pooling near roadsides and waterways.

“Very rough seas and high surf, with possible coastal flooding to exposed locations. High potential for river over flows and landslides,” the latest weather report said.

Tropical Cyclone Zazu currently remains a Category 2 system at 2am (local time)

Heavy rainfall and gusty winds associated with Cyclone Zazu to affect Samoa

Category 1 Cyclone Zazu was located at about 533km South Southwest of Tafitoala at 2am (local time) today.

TC Zazu is moving east at the speed of 11kph and expecting to recurve southeast later today and intensifying.

However, an active convergence zone which links to Tropical Cyclone Zazu remains over Samoa and will continue to bring occasional showers with heavy rainfall and gusty winds, high combined waves and swells, flooding to all major rivers and vulnerable locations. As for now all warnings and advisories remains in effect for all of Samoa.

Heavy rain and flood advisory for Samoa

According to the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority, members of the public sought assistance to get to their families to the other side of the crossing at Mulivai Safata and other areas.

Small vehicles were also unable to cross with access only to pick-up trucks and higher vehicles.

The Samoa Meteorological Service has issued a heavy rain advisory for all areas of Samoa.

“An active convergence zone analyzed Northeast of Samoa with a broad cloud band as seen on the satellite imageries this afternoon.”

Latest storm to threaten Samoa moving south

Tropical Disturbance 07F, which could still turn into a tropical cyclone according to the Samoa Met Service, has moved quickly over the past 16 hours, after being located near Wallis yesterday afternoon.

It is expected to move further to the southeast of Samoa but will continue to bring rain, with possibly heavy falls, and strong and damaging gusty winds throughout this morning.

The weather office said flood warnings for all of Samoa remained in effect.