Toa Samoa Residents

Toa Samoa Upolu Residents secure win against Toa Savaii Residents

Over the weekend, Toa Samoa Savaii residents hosted the Upolu Resident’s team in a provincial all-star showdown that pretty much went one sided.

The Upolu Toa Residents pulling easily in the beginning of the match with a final score of 38 to 10 to seal a win in their first clash in the inter-island rivalry since its establishment last year.

However, it wasn’t the win that mattered to Rugby League Samoa Development officer Latu Joseph Kelemete.

Toa Residents named for Hawaii, President’s Cup in October

Tagaloa has also revealed that a President’s Cup will be held in October following the success of last Friday’s inaugural Open Girls Rugby League tournament.

“We have seen a few start their rugby league careers from college and end up playing professional level rugby and they are a fruit of the labors of this initiative by Rugby League Samoa,” said Tagaloa.