Amoa Resort

Amoa Resort takes Covid-19 precautionary measures to the next level

Amoa Resort Manager, Elizabeth Siaosi said they initially purchased thermometers to check temperatures, masks, hand sanitisers, computer hardware and other items to respond to the virus.

On arrival at the resort, staff check visitors’ temperature and vaccination card.

“Prior to Covid there was measles and our response is a human response and first is to protect our staff and guests and since measles we’ve all had masks and hand sanitizers and gloves and we feel that people who are travelling they want to see the same mirrored back to them,” Siaosi said.

Samoa’s Amoa Resort cuts back staff members

Resort Manager, Elisabeth Siaosi said the decision was made in order to keep the business operating.

“Employees underwent training to multitask and this enabled them to focus on multiple areas of the operation.”

Siaosi confirmed that due to the success of the current workers to seamlessly take on added responsibilities, they did not need to hire extra staff during a busy festive season in December. 

Amoa Resort increases support for local food producers with new catering services

With the unprecedented continuation of border closures and ongoing urban migration to the main island, accommodation operators in Savaii were some of the first in the country to close indefinitely.