Family of fatal shooting victims accepts traditional Samoan apology

The Ifoga was conducted at dawn by the suspect’s family.

In a livestream video now viral on social media, four women from the victims' family removed the ietoga (fine mats).
One woman cried and said, "May God forgive you all."
A 60-year-old man and his 18-year-old son died in the incident last month.

The suspect in his 50’s turned himself in.

Police Deputy Commissioner, Papalii Monalisa Tiai Keti confirmed that the alleged shooting was a result of a land dispute.


Person of interest identified in killing of grandmother Maria Brown

The 77-year-old grandmother is originally from Savaii in Samoa and she lived in New Zealand since 1995.

A homicide investigation was launched after a family member found Brown deceased inside her home in Onehunga in central Auckland around 10am on Sunday, 5 June.

Detective Inspector Auckland CIB Scott Beard said Police can confirm a person of interest has been identified and that this person is not at large in the community.

“For legal reasons Police are constrained in further comment around this person of interest, or their current location.”

Nurses on Savai'i test positive for Covid-19

Association President Solialofi Papali'i told TV1Samoa that 14 nurses working at the Sataua District Hospital tested positive for Covid-19 as did two nurses working at Safotu District Hospital and six nurses at the Malietoa Tanumafili II Hospital at Tuasivi.

Papali'i and the Nurses Association travelled to Savai'I to offer support for their members and to personally hand out special financial bonuses which are part of $32,000 allocated by the Association for their members to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Village abandons cleaning duties at Afu Aau waterfall due to Covid-19

It is one of Samoa’s picturesque waterfalls which attracted tourists and locals alike prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visitors pay an entrance fee which helped maintain the site as well as support the village.

Before the closure of borders and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, a village committee cleaned the waterfall and its surroundings every Mondays.

In an interview with the media recently, one of the village chiefs, Mataafa Upuia said this was the village’s main source of income until the borders closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Tailua Beach Fales heavily impacted by climate change effects

Sand erosion is also a concern for the business which is located on the coast side of the village of Manase.

Tailua Beach Fales owner, Lauititi Tooalo said it has been challenging for her family even before the Covid-19 in 2020, to cope with the changes brought about by climate change.

“We’ve been awaiting any financial supports to try and renovate everything because truth be told we’ve invested so much money and effort into this business but the only assistance we got was the one from the government but it still is not enough to fix all that’s been destroyed,” she said.

‘Smile’, a key to staying open: Le Lagoto Resort Manager

Matai’a Seti Sa who is one of the only three employees remaining at Le Lagoto Resort in Savaii believes his guests are attracted to and stay at his resort because of his personality and his smile.

“Your smile is everything,” he said. “It can kill any burden the guest is coming with to your resort.

“Even if I feel and know that I am the grandfather of this resort, I try my best to smile all the time and you know what, I feel proud and get goosebumps whenever a guest shakes my hand and tips me off with at least a $50 all because of that smile.”

Satuiatua Beach Fales owner stays optimistic despite Covid-19 pandemic challenges

Owner and longtime businesswoman, Leilua Tutogi Mailei is optimistic that her resort will survive the challenges.

Leilua said her resort did not close since the lockdown and all of her employees have been able to keep their jobs.

“I’m fighting and striving while crying at the same time because if we give in to our weaknesses then we’ll surely fail,” she said.

Amoa Resort takes Covid-19 precautionary measures to the next level

Amoa Resort Manager, Elizabeth Siaosi said they initially purchased thermometers to check temperatures, masks, hand sanitisers, computer hardware and other items to respond to the virus.

On arrival at the resort, staff check visitors’ temperature and vaccination card.

“Prior to Covid there was measles and our response is a human response and first is to protect our staff and guests and since measles we’ve all had masks and hand sanitizers and gloves and we feel that people who are travelling they want to see the same mirrored back to them,” Siaosi said.

Amoa Resort increases support for local food producers with new catering services

With the unprecedented continuation of border closures and ongoing urban migration to the main island, accommodation operators in Savaii were some of the first in the country to close indefinitely.

Two arrested in Samoa rally stoush

The Human Rights Protection Party organised the rally to highlight judicial decisions it sees as flawed and against the Constitution.

The Samoa Observer reports the arrests were confirmed by Assistant Police Commissioner Auapa'au Logoitino Filipo who also said more arrests will be made as investigations continue.

He said the investigation is also looking at another roadblock at Sasina village and arrests are likely from there.

The arrested pair are facing charges for disorderly conduct in public places.