Covid-19 vaccines

Japan provides 110,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Samoa

At the Ninth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM9) which took place on 2 July, Japan has announced its intention to provide Pacific Island countries with a total of approximately 3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines by around the end of the year including through the COVAX Facility

This provision of COVID-19 vaccines to Samoa is implemented as part of the announcement. Japan will continue to provide various assistance in cooperation with relevant countries and international organizations towards the earliest convergence of COVID-19.

Samoa borders will open once eligible population fully vaccinated

Valasi Tafito Selesele told the Samoa Observer that the latest amendments to the State of Emergency Orders was only to start the conversation.

He said the only priority now is to push for vaccinations.

The new government has targeted American Samoa and New Zealand to have a travel bubble with.


Samoa resumes COVID-19 immunization programme

The Ministry of Health had to wait for 15 million new doses distributed by the Australian Government across the Pacific. 

The 10,000 new doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Samoa last Friday, courtesy of the Australian Government.

Another 10,000 doses are expected to arrive by the end of this week.

According to the Ministry of Health’s latest update, 10,189 people have now been fully vaccinated against the virus while 53,230 people have only had their first doses.

Russia offers North Korea Covid vaccines again as crisis worsens

Pyongyang has refused vaccines and aid from a number of countries.

It has instead sealed borders to try and keep the virus out but that has affected trade with China. It relies on Beijing for food, fertiliser and fuel.

Kim Jong-un has acknowledged that the country is facing food shortages, describing the situation as "tense".

He made the comments last month and also told citizens to prepare for the "worst ever outcome" which has invoked comparisons to a deadly famine in the 1990s.

More than 5,000 people are fully vaccinated in Samoa

According to the Ministry of Health data which was last updated on June 25, a total of 5,117 people have received their second dose.

Of this total, 2,968 are male and 21,931 are female.

A total of 49,546 have received the first dose of the vaccine and comprise 27,616 males and 21,931 females.

In April this year the rollout for the vaccination started after Samoa received 24,000 doses from the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) led COVAX Facility.

Samoa remains a COVID-19-free country and also remains at the COVID-19 alert status of Level 1 (yellow).

Medical expert's warning about low uptake of vaccine

The Samoa Observer reports Toleafoa Viali Lameko saying the comparatively low uptake of the first vaccine is a concern.

Toleafoa said proof of how vital vaccinations is supported by the situation in Fiji where there were more than 300 cases yesterday and one death.

Data shows less than 40 percent of people in Samoa have received a vaccine.

That is much lower for Tonga and the Cook Islands and also below the rate for Fiji.


Samoa records over 4,000 people have received second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

The latest Ministry of Health figures confirms that 4,196 have received their second dose of the vaccine.

Of this total,  2,508 are male and 1,688 are female.

A total of 48,675 people have received the first dose of the vaccine and of that number; 27,153 are male and 21,522 are female.

Some 2,856 people have been fully vaccinated, of that number, 1,789 are male and 1,067 are female.

Samoa started its vaccination rollout in April after receiving 24,000 doses through the World Health Organisation led COVAX Facility.

More women show up to receive second dose of COVID-19 vaccines in Samoa

As of today, data released by the Samoa Ministry of Health showed that a total of 1,067 females have been fully vaccinated.

However, males have continued to dominate the numbers showing up for vaccination after they have recorded a total of 1,789 getting fully vaccination.

These numbers makes it 2,856 total number of people in Samoa – who have received their second dose of the vaccine.

The number of the eligible population who have already received the first dose of the vaccine has already reached 45,908 and comprise 25,511 males and 20,397 females. 

Covid vaccine: Why are Australians cancelling AstraZeneca jabs?

It comes after the government updated guidance last week to recommend only those aged over 60 get the shot, due to the risk of a rare blood-clotting syndrome.

Under-60s have been advised to get the alternative Pfizer shot, of which there are limited supplies.

Turning down any vaccine - and AstraZeneca is the world's most widely used one - may seem remarkable to other nations still battling rampant Covid.

814 people receive full COVID-19 vaccination in Samoa

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that out of the total who have received their second shot, 578 were male while 236 were female.

The vaccine requires a second variant approximately 8 weeks after their first jab in order for it to take full effect.

Meanwhile, MOH has recorded 42,373 people that have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

The total vaccination count has males on 23,416 and females on 18,957 shows M.O.H. data released on Thursday.