Sydney jeweller charged over raid on his own store

In January, two men allegedly threatened Michel Germani and a female staff member at his central Sydney store, demanding access to the safe.

But police say Mr Germani, 65, actually organised the incident to defraud his insurance company.

He now faces a string of charges including robbery, fraud and deception.

Police have not disclosed what was taken in the raid, but Detective Superintendent Joe Doueihi said Mr Germani had made a claim for a "substantial amount of jewellery of a sizeable dollar amount".

Stolen items, drugs seized in raid in Samoa

A search warrant was executed at one of the suspect’s residences last Friday afternoon resulting in the recovery of stolen items.

Police said a 48-year-old man was arrested.

The alleged stolen items are noted to have been sold to the suspect by burglars of previous burglary and theft cases.

The other three suspects including a 46-year-old, a 30-year old and a 29-year-old were found at the residence at the time of the raid.

Samoa Police arrest 2, seize drugs, firearms in a raid

During the operation yesterday, Police seized 4 utensils, cash totalling SAT$5000.00, 2 firearms (22 & 42 live) 22 bullets and 57grams of marijuana leaves.

Other items confiscated included 4 sildenafils 100mg per tab (viagra), 1 electronic scale,  fake plate numbers (Regulate, 2PAC) , 4 flash drives and 3 hard drives.

Police said the two individuals are in their custody awaiting remand.


Photo supplied SPPS  Caption: Some of the items seized during a Police raid at Faatoia. 


Nine people arrested with drugs and illegal firearms in their possession

This was after the Samoa Police Force conducted raids at Vaitele-fou and Lolovaea.

The police have seized naroctics (methamphetamine and marijuana), illegal firearms as well as various expensive electronics, jewelries and cash totalling to $23,300 tala and AUD$20.

Samoa Police said the electronics and jewelries are believe to be used to trade for narcotics.