Samoa Police

Samoa Police officers hike up Mt Silisili as part of emergency preparation

Led by Police Commissioner Su’a Fuiavailiili Egon Keil, the team took five hours to reach the top of the 1,858 metre elevation and Samoa’s highest peak, last week.

Mount Vaea is a mere 472 metres above sea level – making the Mt Silisili climb 4 times that elevation, through rugged and steep terrain.

Su’a Fuiavailiili thanked the villagers of Aopo who provided experienced guides for the hike that has been described by previous conquerors as a challenge.

Samoa Police conducts ER simulations

Police Commissioner Su’a Fuiavailiili Egon Keil said Savaii Police Operations and Savaii Prisons Operations joined members of the Tactical Operations Squad in Apia.

The simulations are said to have also tested the capacity and speed of the Australian Government donated police patrol boat, the Nafanua II, to test for emergencies that would involve urgent evacuation and movements of persons between the two islands.

Prison guards to be given same training as police in Samoa

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil said some of the 44 new recently graduated recruits would be assigned to serve at the prison.

He said those already at Tanumalala would also go through the same 14 week course so if needed they could operate as police officers.

The Samoa Observer newspaper reported these were all part of new plans the Ministry of Police was carrying out now that it had been given control of the country's prison services.

The re-jig happened after a spate of high-profile prison escapes.

More women than men among Samoa Police recruits

The Samoa Observer newspaper reported 28 of the recruits were women from the class of 44.

Police Commissioner Fuiavailiili Egon Keil said the class also made history by being the first to study a curriculum approved by the Samoa Qualification Authority.

He said the Police Academy's new curriculum would produce an intelligent and critical thinking police force that had the confidence of the people of Samoa.


Samoa police capture wanted persons

Asomaliu was taken in from Fasitoo-tai on Thursday night.

SPS says it acknowledges the tremendous efforts of Fasitoo-tai pulenuu and village council as a result of his apprehension.

After weeks of running havoc in these villages, the village council stepped in and collectively and apprehended Asomaliu.

The village of Faleatiu also assisted police Thursday with the apprehension of both Iolamo Sanela moa and his brother Fotu Sanele Moa.

Samoa police step up manhunt for escaped convict

  Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil told Talamua Media the raid targeted Pati Chong Nee and another man alleged to have threatened officers by firing a firearm on Monday.

Fuiavailili said the raid took place at Tapatapao, an inland village southwest of Apia.

Police believed Chong Nee was being harboured there alongside Sosene Asomaliu.

However neither were found.

Police say they acted on intelligence that Chong Nee was still in the area.

During the raid a man was arrested for aiding and harbouring the escaped convict.

Samoa police prosecutor charged with manslaughter

The Samoa Observer newspaper reports Sergeant 

9 prisoners remain at large after mass Samoa prison breakout

Police have released photos of the escapees and are warning the public not to approach any of them but to contact Samoa Police.

All off-duty police officers were recalled Monday night after police received a report of the breakout from the Corrections Service.

The escapees are serving prison time for serious crimes.  

According to RNZ Pacific, a source at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole hospital said around 20 prison officers were brought in for medical treatment with injuries reportedly caused by altercations with prisoners during the escape.

Samoa police charge blogger over alleged bribe

Loabay owner Gago Fa'au Gago used a cellphone to film the fire.

A police officer tried to stop the accused from filming the incident that has been described as a domestic violence dispute.

Police said the woman was stabbed multiple times before her husband set fire to the petrol station and killed himself.

Gago is scheduled to appear in the district court on 20 March.

Meanwhile, the Samoa Media Council is considering a complaint from the Journalists' Association of Samoa regarding the alleged offence.


Tight security measure in place for Samoa PM

Presiding over the bail hearing Supreme Court, Justice Tafaoimalo granted bail to the two defendants.

The bail conditions imposed by the Court include;
• prohibiting any post anything related to this case on social media
• not to have any contact with an alleged conspirator overseas
• not to approach or associate or have any contact with the alleged victim, and any police witnesses.
• sign in with police twice a week.