Samoa Police

Samoa Police investigates drowning incident of a 27-year-old man

According to the Police, the deceased is 27-years-old.

The incident occurred on Monday.

The body of the deceased is currently held at the hospital at Tuasivi in Savai’i. 


Police urges public to be vigilant against scams

Speaking on Talofa FM, Police Superintendent Tuaena Lomano Paulo urged the public to be vigilant against scams.

Tuaena noted the recent case of two men who pleaded guilty to falsely recruiting for seasonal workers overseas.

He said others claim they can import vehicles, leaving clients waiting months before they realise they have been misled.


12-year-old Samoan boy reported missing

Jeriah Ah Sam has been missing from his home at Tanumapua.

He was last seen around 6am on Monday.

Ah Sam was wearing his red and white Vaigaga Primary School uniform.

The public is advised to contact a nearby Police station or call 22222 if they have any information that might lead to Jeriah Ah Sam’s whereabouts.


Samoan police officer suspended over allegations

Corporal Tuitogamatoe Su'a alleged used the signature for police reports sought by those applying for the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme.

The suspension, which happened nearly two weeks ago, has been confirmed by Acting Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo in response to questioning from Radio Polynesia.

It is also alleged that Ms Su'a forged the signature of her superiors to receive on-call salaries, allocated for officers that are called back into work.

Its unclear whether a criminal investigation is underway with Auapaau declining to comment.

Samoa police inspector accused of amending police records

Mr Komiti, a Commanding Officer for the Police Prosecution, has been accused of amending police records in relation to a businessman who appeared in court for a charge of drunk driving.

The suspension of Mr Komiti was confirmed in an internal memorandum, endorsed by Acting Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo.

"Suspension from official duties. Pursuant to Section 42 of the Police Service Act 2009, I hereby suspend Inspector Kenneth Komiti from official duties pending the results of the investigation against him.

Samoa parlt sits but opposition MPs banned

But it is without the members of the opposition HRPP party, who were shut out by the Speaker, Papalii Lio Masipau.

Papali'i announced a ban yesterday, saying the HRPP is still failing to acknowledge that the FAST party won the election.

This follows months of legal squabbles between the parties but last month the Court of Appeal declared FAST were the legitimate winners of the election.

This morning the HRPP staged a march near the grounds of parliament until police stepped in and told people to return to the party offices.

Samoa Police patrol boat skipper suspended

Superintendent Sefo Faafoi Hunt, who was the vessel's commanding officer, has been suspended while a police probe and a commission of inquiry into the running aground of the patrol boat on a reef near Salelologa wharf on Savaii island continues.

The vessel, which was only commissioned in 2019, ran aground nearly four weeks ago after transporting police officers from Apia to Savai'i to help their colleagues there during a Human Rights Protection party protest.

Samoa Police recruits 57 new officers

The new officers were sworn in by Chief Justice, Satiu Simativa Perese. 

Chief Justice Perese encouraged the new recruits to be honest in any circumstances.

 “In your work you will inevitably come to the Court to present evidence in a case,” he said. “Giving evidence is not an easy task, things can often seem a bit jumbled up in your mind. 

“You will be cross examined and your integrity tested. 

“The only advice I can give you is to tell the truth, because no matter how jumbled your mind becomes, it will always centre itself back on the truth.”

Samoa Police warn of illegal use of national flag

The warning was issued following incidences where the members of the public have inappropriately used the national flag, as seen at recent events around the country, particularly during political events.

Police said, It is an offence under the Official Flag and National Anthem of Samoa Act 1994, for any person who destroys, defaces or spoil the appearance/surface of the National Flag or willfully causes the National Flag to be torn, destroyed or so defaced; or willfully insult the National Flag by act, word or conduct.”

Nine people arrested with drugs and illegal firearms in their possession

This was after the Samoa Police Force conducted raids at Vaitele-fou and Lolovaea.

The police have seized naroctics (methamphetamine and marijuana), illegal firearms as well as various expensive electronics, jewelries and cash totalling to $23,300 tala and AUD$20.

Samoa Police said the electronics and jewelries are believe to be used to trade for narcotics.